about Us

Achieving goals requires the ability to properly take care of health, competently rest and work with concentration. For all this, there is AppFit Studio - we create applications for everyday use.

Our goal is to develop quality applications that can adapt to everyone's lifestyle. This is what allows us to reach a wide target audience, while thinking through the functionality of each application to the smallest detail.

We offer ideas with which you can create projects easily and visually, keep a pregnancy diary with care, build personal workout plans or create stylish looks for every day. See for yourself!


  • My Period & Cycle Tracker

    A menstrual cycle tracker that predicts future cycles, as well as most favorable days to conceive. The app stores the history of cycles and allows one to retrieve data for doctor appointments.

  • Baby Size - Pregnancy Tracker

    A personal tracker to monitor the health of future mothers and their babies throughout the entirety of their pregnancy.

  • Projects Board - Notes Canvas

    An infinite canvas for the visualization of one’s ideas. The app serves to aid in the process arranging one’s thoughts and ideas and build proper correlations throughout cognitive activities.

  • Flyers & Business Cards Design

    Ready-made customizable designs for business cards and flyers for personal and commercial use.

  • Couple Calendar: Anniversary

    A cute calendar for couples to mark all the important dates of the relationship, set convenient reminders, count days spent together and store the most precious moments in a special private gallery.

  • My wardrobe

    A virtual wardrobe that helps one to organize their closet, as well as come up with outfit ideas and pack suitcases for travel.